The Two of Us

Lots of the mums that I know often find that they don’t have many photos of themselves with their kids. Now, this is the pot calling the kettle as I am more guilty than most on this one.

Sometimes it’s because mums are the ones with the camera or phone, snapping the rest of the family. Or sometimes, as mums, we feel like we don’t like the way we look in photos. But that’s when we have to remind ourselves about what’s important. When they’re older and looking back on the memories you’ve made and captured in pictures, our kids won’t care that we thought we were having a bad hair day. They will care that we were there, part of their lives and enjoying the moment.

For single mums, getting themselves in the picture with your kids is even harder as there’s often no one else to hold the camera.

I was so pleased to be able to take some photos of these two lovely ladies, beautiful inside and out. They were so full of joyful energy and enthusiasm which made for a great photo shoot.

Clare and Jane-5060Clare and Jane-5073Clare and Jane-5077Clare and Jane-5083Clare and Jane-5107Clare and Jane-5121Clare and Jane-2Clare and Jane-5186Clare and Jane-5274Clare and Jane-5198Clare and Jane-5199Clare and Jane-5275Clare and Jane-5280Jasmie and Claire-5231Clare and Jane-5156

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